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CGN Nate Negron

Strength, balance, and precision are all attributes that we focus on during our weekly workout sessions with Max. After training with him for 6 months straight, all of these attributes have made a huge impact. But the attribute that has impacted me the most is definitely my endurance. Since the first QE, the thing I needed to fix the most was my endurance. This was something on my first few QE grade sheets and something I felt like I needed to work on during both tests and classes. What was really cool to see was when I started to get my grade sheets back and it would read “endurance improvement.”

I’ve been training with Max for around 3 years now. During this time, I’ve gotten the chance to train in 3 black belt tests (one as an instructor) and also had privates with Kai, Stevie, and Alex. Even after training with Max for as long as I have, he still continues to surprise me with how complex and difficult his workouts can be. This time around, the thing that surprised me the most was our clear focus on cardio and prepping for the 2 mile run test. We’ve worked on cardio and running during the last 2 tests of course, but this years test focused a lot more on running. Almost every single workout session either had a running warmup, or was centered around running, or ended with running. Because we were constantly doing these workouts, which I found to be difficult, my endurance improved a lot and has positively impacted my QE scores.

Nate Negron