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by Max Results

The Ultimate Conditioning workout for all Sport and Activity levels

Bodyworks at Max Results Reno, specializes in improving lifestyles. Our unique, one-of-a-kind training techniques are a result of over 40 years of experience and extensive knowledge in Kinesiology.

Bodyworks classes make you look and feel your best. It promises to get you lean and in unbelievable shape. Bodyworks is the ultimate Bootcamp style workout where you improve strength, get tone, and increase stamina for all Sport and Fitness levels. 


Mon: 11:30am, 5:45pm

Tue: 5:45am

Wed: 11:30am, 5:15pm (Run Club)

Thur: 5:45am

Fri: 11:30am, 5:15pm

Sat: 8:45am (jog/run/cardio club)

M,W,F: 11:30am (Cardio Kickboxing)

$149/mo. UNLIMITED

$20 Drop-In Fee

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